Advergame Development

Advergames are the perfect solution for truly engaging with your target audience. Whatever your product or marketing objectives, Miniclip can build an advergame for it. Canned fruit? Been there. Microwaveable Stuffed Tortilla? Done that. Build for web and mobile? No problem!

We can of course host and promote it on – typically with millions of gameplays as a result. The list of happy customers includes Kellogg’sOcean SprayMicrosoft XboxWrigleysLego as well as most of the major movie studios.

Thinking of designing an advergame? Here’s a checklist:

  • Don’t hesitate to take a look at our Custom Game Integration & Advergames presentation to get a better idea of the great solutions we can provide you with.
  • Developing a good game takes as much time as developing a good commercial. 3 months minimum.
  • Pacman or Space Invaders? Good games in their own right, but completely overdone as Advergames. Give us your marketing objectives, and we’ll come up with something original.
  • Don’t use your brand too much. Subtle brand-messages can get the message across better than in your face logos. The key point is that the player enjoys the game.
  • Development budgets should be $25k (USD) minimum
  • Assume you’ll need a ratio of 1:4 for development vs. seeding. An awesome advergame needs to be played!
  • The best games on Miniclip are easy to get in to yet hard to master. Always ensure the game can be played within the first two clicks of a player getting to the game. Avoid lengthy explanations, and ensure controls are intuitive.

If you want to get in touch, please e-mail us here.

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