Where We Are

Miniclip is an international company that employs 140 people, drawn from 18 nationalities, across four offices. 


Miniclip Headquarters – Neuchâtel, Switzerland

Miniclip’s headquarters in Switzerland is responsible for the strategic direction and management of the Miniclip Group and fields a team of talented personnel and senior executives.

Miniclip Mobile – Lisbon, Portugal

Miniclip’s talented mobile team in Lisbon work on game titles for iOS, Android and Windows devices.  They also develop the Miniclip backed technology that runs our real-time cross platform (iPhone & Android) mobile games.  Portugal is also the home of our support team, who are constantly testing, monitoring and reporting on our games and website.

Miniclip Mobile – Genoa, Italy

This is where Miniclip’s very experienced 3D mobile games studio is located.  With 10 years of experience developing 3D games, they’ve had outstanding success on their first 3D mobile game release, Rail Rush, reaching 36 million total mobile downloads.

Miniclip Online – London, UK

Not far from the newly-termed Silicon Roundabout, the team in London houses creative talent from all over the globe. The London team is predominantly responsible for developing our online games property, Miniclip.com, and our external game development. In addition there are the essential business support elements that we simply couldn’t do without!