Beast Quest coming soon to mobile

We’re extremely proud to be making a Beast Quest game, coming soon to iOS and Android devices. If you’re new to Beast Quest, and want to know what all the fuss is about, read on!

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Beast Quest is a series of books first published in 2007. They tell the tale of young Tom and his friend Elenna, as they journey on a Quest to free the Beasts of Avantia from the evil enchantments of the evil wizard, Malvel. That’s the story to begin with, at least: you’ll have to read the books to see what happens next!

The books follow a formula inspired by video games, with each book representing one “mission” or “Quest.” They usually end with Tom powering up in some way, receiving a new item or skill from a defeated Beast. As such, readers get a real sense of progression as they move from book to book, just as one does going through a videogame. Beast Quest is a perfect fit for a real game, almost as if the series is coming full circle to its original inspiration!

The books have been a huge hit with kids, with over 100 titles already published in over 30 languages, and plenty more on the way (Tom is a busy guy!) Our game takes inspiration from the series’ very first story arc, comprising the original six books. Each book details Tom’s Quest to free a different Beast, from Nanook the Snow Monster to Ferno the Fire Dragon.

In fact, the Beast Quest books are so popular that Adam Blade, the author of the series, was the 4th most borrowed author in children’s books in British libraries last year, and 6th most borrowed overall! Over 14 million books have been sold worldwide, and the series isn’t slowing down! Kids all over the world love Beast Quest.

So, the Beast Quest books are awesome. But why should you be excited for the game?


Simply put, Beast Quest is a perfect fit for a videogame. The episodic nature of the story lends itself well to the mission-based structure of an RPG, and each book even has its own boss battle – perfect!

Our Beast Quest game is an open-world RPG, with six huge worlds based on the first six books in the series. Each world has its own Beast for Tom and Elenna to track down and free from Malvel’s evil influence, along with loads of other Quests to complete, treasure to find and monsters to fight! Swipe and tap the screen to emerge victorious from combat against multiple fiendish foes, collect gold and use it to upgrade your equipment, level up with experience points and more – this is a true open world RPG! The first two worlds will be open when the game launches, with more to follow!

Beast Quest is coming soon, and we can’t wait. The game has just been soft-launched in Canada for testing and bug-fixing, and will be able worldwide before long! It’s gotten great feedback so far, including this article on Forbes!

Get ready to save the Kingdom of Avantia, and keep an eye on the Miniclip Blog for more Beast Quest news!