Dude Perfect 2 coming soon to mobile

If you like sports, stunts and cool sports stunts, you may be familiar with the cool guys known as Dude Perfect. Haven’t heard of them? Watch this video:

We’re happy to announce that the guys at Dude Perfect have a new game in the works, and we’re the ones making it! Dude Perfect 2 is a physics-based sports game, tasking you with performing crazy, chain-reaction stunts worthy of the name. Play as any five of the guys, in a variety of outfits (some normal, some really, really weird) using a variety of tools: basketballs, baseballs, bowling balls… make sure to use the right one!

Dude Perfect 2 (from Miniclip!) is coming to iOS and Android devices very soon, and will be available for free! Want a sneak peak at some early footage? Take a watch of the most recent Dude Perfect video – we hear there is a special bonus at the end…

Want to be one of the first in the world to play Dude Perfect 2? Click HERE and sign up for the chance to get exclusive early access! Otherwise, keep an eye on the Dude Perfect YouTube channel and the Miniclip Blog for more information!