Advertising Policy


In General is the property of Miniclip SA (“Miniclip”, “we” and “us”). We are committed to providing an entertaining, fun, educational and safe environment for our users. Our reputation for high quality advertising helps our advertisers to achieve excellent click-through rates and increased conversions.

Any person who advertises or procures advertising on (“you”) acknowledges and agrees on its own behalf and on behalf of its affiliates to observe this Advertising Policy in full and shall remain liable to check the current Advertising Policy in force from time to time (as available at the above link). Miniclip reserves the right to amend this Advertising Policy at any time. All advertisements are subject to Miniclip’s approval.

Please bear in mind that Miniclip’s audience is diverse and includes a large number of younger users. You must ensure that all advertisements comply with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act 1998 and other applicable data protection and privacy laws, codes, rules and regulations in force from time to time.

Miniclip may at any time in its sole discretion refuse to display any advertisement on and/or instruct you to remove immediately any advertisement on

Content Requirements

As a general rule, Miniclip does not allow any advertisements which display, or imply a connection with, the following content:

  • Adult-orientated content; pornography; sexual or sexually suggestive content where the male or female body is depicted in such a way that may be considered inappropriate for children;
  • Alcohol; tobacco; illegal drugs;
  • Gambling content;
  • Online games; competitors in the online games sector such as casual or skilled gaming websites displaying free or paid-for games;
  • Disreputable dating sites;
  • Defamatory content; hate speech; profanity, including offensive or distasteful content;
  • Unlawful activity, including piracy, crime and terrorism.
  • Violence, including (but not limited to) assault, torture, abuse, rape, murder, self-mutilation, suicide or suffering of any kind;
  • Weapons, including firearms;
  • Diet and weight loss pills etc.

Ad Creative Requirements

Miniclip offers two standard ad sizes: 300×250 and 728×90. We also offer a number of non-standard ad formats. Please visit the ad solutions page for more information on technical requirements for each format.

In general, all advertisements must:

  • Not be obtrusive or contain flashing or strobe content;
  • Not request a user to hit a moving target;
  • Not simulate interactivity;
  • Not resemble a Miniclip game;
  • Clearly display the identity of the entity serving the advertisement;
  • Not imply that Miniclip is associated with an advertiser or an advertisement;
  • Not initiate or perform any automatic download of anything to a user’s system or present a download dialogue box without first presenting detailed information to the user about the download;
  • Not attempt to simulate or resemble Windows, Unix, Mac or any other operating system or their features; and
  • Not be expandable.

Landing Page Requirements

Miniclip cares about what happens after a user clicks on an advertisement. We therefore don’t allow the following advertisements:

  • Any that click through to deceptive landing pages including, but not limited to, those that use or display the following:
    • fake “closing” activity whereby a user is unable to close the landing page;
    • “mouse trapping” whereby a user is unable to use the ‘back button” in the browser and traps the user on an advertiser’s site;
    • banner ads that do not logically correspond with the landing page; or
    • fake html, images or icons that are not fully functional.
  • Any that permit a click through to a landing page where multiple pop-ups and/or pop-unders are initiated, either on arrival or on an attempt to exit the page;
  • Any that promote screensavers; spyware; software downloads: adware, freeware and shareware; or contain viruses, worms, corrupted files, or other material that is intended to or may damage Miniclip’s or any user’s software or hardware or other security measures;
  • Any which attempt to sign users up to monthly payments for mobile subscriptions.

Advertising Privacy Requirements

  • Personal Data, being data which relates to a living individual, shall have a meaning corresponding to the definition in the Data Protection Act 1998, or similar legislation in a different jurisdiction, and specifically means personal information such as a user’s name, home and work address, e-mail address, telephone number, other contact details, demographic information, age, gender, preferences and interests.
  • You may not direct any user’s Personal Data to any third party for online behavioural advertising or similar purpose under any circumstances.
  • You may not analyse a user’s Personal Data on by any method including by placing cookies on a user’s computer or by reading cookies which have been dropped on, specifically to run online behavioural advertising, without Miniclip’s prior written consent.
  • If you use cookies you must provide all users with a cookie notice, giving the user clear and comprehensive information in advance about the purpose of the cookie. You must allow the user a right to refuse the planting of cookies (such as giving the user an ‘opt-out’ option or explaining to the user how to configure his/her computer to manage the cookies).
  • You may, however, obtain non-Personal Data from a user’s computer for tracking purposes to create reports and compile statistics on anonymised user numbers on the website.
  • You agree to comply with all applicable data protection laws, code, rules and regulations.

Last Update: February 2012