Working With Us

Miniclip provides a fantastic platform to bring your games to the world and bring millions of users to your games!



We have many different types of license and will work with you to find a custom solution that works for both of us.


Our highly skilled team will help you every step of the way to ensure the smooth integration of your game. They’ve never been beaten yet!


We offer a range of additional components to developers to take the game administration off your hands and let you focus on the game itself. You probably don’t want to build a highscores system from scratch so don’t, simply make use of ours! Along with options for our Avatar integration, Microtransactions, Awards, Data Storage, Chat etc you can concentrate on the really fun part … making the best game out there!

Beta Testing

Miniclip has a dedicated team of professional Beta Testers, along with a massive number of volunteers from our audience. You are guaranteed quality feedback at all stages of the development process.

Derrick Morton, CEO of Flowplay Inc.

“Getting your game in front of the Miniclip audience should be on the checklist of any serious online game company. They have the ability to promote you to millions of players in a very short period of time with a professional staff that knows how to get results.”