is #5 on YouTube’s list of top games

Our hit game was one of the most popular games on YouTube in 2015. YouTube has ranked as the 5th most popular game on its annual list, based on video views and watch time – a testament to the viral success of the game.

YouTube's Most Popular Games - 2015 b is a multiplayer web and mobile game where you control a tiny cell. By moving around and eating small food pellets as well as other players, you can grow larger and larger until you are the biggest cell on the server. You can also eject mass and split into multiple cells, all useful strategies to eat other players while avoiding the same fate. It’s simple, easy to learn and very addictive. has become extremely popular on YouTube with thousands of fans creating gameplay videos, including top names like PewDiePie and Markiplier. Some now-famous YouTubers established themselves solely on playing, including Jumbo who has reached 900,000 subscribers in only 5 months.

On the official YouTube channel, we curate the best videos, handpicked by our team. The channel’s 950,000 YouTube subscribers can watch playlists of let’s play videos in various languages, gameplay videos, tutorials, and more. has been one of Miniclip’s success stories of 2015 – and we’re delighted to see its popularity reflected on YouTube. Thank you to all the players and creators that made it one of the most popular games this year.

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