update – OUT NOW on mobile is one of the most-downloaded games of 2015 – and just got its first major update.

Agario screen 2

The cell-eat-cell multiplayer game has been one of the most popular games on the App Store and Google Play since its launch in July, with millions of players trying to get to the top of the leaderboard and eating other players along the way. Now, we’ve added a some new features to the game.

Track your stats

You’ll now be able to keep track of your player stats, as you can in the browser version of the game. You’ll be able to see your total mass eaten, your highest and average scores, plus your longest survival time among others.


New premium skins

We’re adding over 80 new skins to the game! They include black holes, Uranus, apples, baseballs, bowling balls, frogs, pandas and some slightly weirder ones too…


Level up

We’re bringing the profile system from the browser version to mobile: as well as tracking stats, you can also gain XP and level up as you play which gives you a small boost to your starting mass.

The update to on mobile is out now on both iOS and Android – download it now!