Beast Quest reaches 14 million book sales and 2 million game downloads

This post by Andy Robertson originally appeared on on 9th June 2015. It is available at this link.

Beast Quest app sees 2 million downloads. If you have young boys in your household you probably know this already, Beast Quest is a great way to get them reading. Better still it’s a series of books they they will be keen to read themselves.

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Since it launched Beast Quest has sold over 14 million copies worldwide, with spin-off series like Sea Quest also doing well. Earlier this year a Beast Quest app was launched on iOS and Android devices that brought the characters and world to life on tablets and smartphones.

Since the game launched in May it’s had over 2 million downloads. Unlike other tie-in apps this game is developed by Miniclip and feels more like Zelda than Candy Crush. It looks and plays much like a console game while keeping things simple enough for all-comers to enjoy. It looks to have drawn inspiration from Zelda and Shadow of the Colossus.

Saad Choudri, Chief Commercial Officer at Miniclip recently spoke to me about the game’s popularity. “We here at Miniclip are thrilled with the positive reaction to Beast Quest. We set out to create a game that could be enjoyed by parents as well as children, and the response from fans of all ages has been fantastic to see.”

It’s a free-to-play title and available via the iTunes and Android stores. There are in-app purchases but these are optional.

The game casts you as Tom on his battle through a series of fantasy monsters in the land of Avantia. Like the books, the game is divided into six different locations each with their own beast to defeat.

Similar to the books, the game is an experience that parents and children can share together.In my family we’ve enjoyed passing the iPad round to try our hand at each beast fight while also sharing the exploration and puzzle solving too.

I spoke to Sam Smith, Community Manager at Miniclip, who highlighted this couch co-op as part of the game’s appeal and design. “We’re hoping that this is something that kids can play with parents, but also the parents will end up playing it themselves when the kids are in bed. We want everything to be simple enough for kids to understand it but with depth for older players.”

Choudri added that there will be more Beast Quest levels soon, “the fun is only just beginning: we have plans for keep supporting Beast Quest for months to come, with plenty more adventures awaiting Tom and Elenna in the lands of Avantia.”

Andy Robertson is a freelance technology and gaming expert for a range of national media. He produces the daily Family Gamer TV show on YouTube.