Dude Perfect 2 – out now on iOS and Android!

Our new game, Dude Perfect 2, is here and is free to download from the App Store and Google Play!


We’re happy to announce the launch of our new mobile game, which we created in partnership with the guys at Dude Perfect. Listed by Advertising Age as one of the hottest brands out there, Dude Perfect has used its videos to inspire hundreds of millions with their contagious Go Big philosophy. In the six short years since they exploded onto the scene, Dude Perfect has filmed basketball videos all over the world. With over 5 Million Subscribers & 600 Million views across their online content, Dude Perfect is now the 2nd largest sports channel on YouTube.

Dude Perfect are now pulling off their trademark insane trickshots in their most epic mobile game yet! Dude Perfect 2 is a physics-based sports game, tasking you with performing crazy, chain-reaction stunts worthy of the name. Play as all five of the dudes (or Panda!) and stunt your way through 99 levels – with plenty more to come. Sink every basketball shot to beat each level, but you’ll need to use a variety of different balls and special powers to smash through obstacles and change the landscape of the level in order to make that perfect shot.

Dude Perfect 2 is out now on iOS and Android, so grab it for free from the App Store and Google Play. If you ever wanted to emulate the awesome feats of the Dudes, well – now’s the time!