Dude Perfect 2 tops the App Store games chart

Our new game Dude Perfect 2 shot straight to the top of the free games chart in the US App Store last week, with 8 Ball Pool™ sitting in 3rd place!

Dude Perfect 2 tops US free games chart

US Store on 5th June 2015

We created Dude Perfect 2 in partnership with the guys at Dude Perfect, who with over 5 Million subscribers are the 2nd largest sports channel on YouTube. Dude Perfect are now pulling off their trademark insane trickshots in their most epic mobile game yet!

Dude Perfect 2 is a physics-based sports game, tasking you with performing crazy, chain-reaction stunts worthy of the name. Play as all five of the dudes (or Panda!) and stunt your way through 99 levels – with plenty more to come. Sink every basketball shot to beat each level, but you’ll need to use a variety of different balls and special powers to smash through obstacles and change the landscape of the level in order to make that perfect shot.

Dude Perfect 2 is out now on iOS and Android, so grab it for free from the App Store and Google Play.