Investing in our future

We often talk about connection and connecting people. We do this by bringing people together playing our games, Miniclipper virtual events and activities, and also by supporting our communities. Miniclip Gives was set up back in 2016. We aimed to share Miniclip’s success with the wider community through donations of both money and time.

Gaviotas da Torre is an NGO based in Cascais, about 10 minutes away from our Portuguese Studio. Gaviotas da Torre support families in need of food, financial, and job support. Another critical role they play, which Miniclip is involved in, is by helping children from these families by offering support for after school clubs, tutoring and holiday clubs.

We’ve worked with them for a couple of years now. In 2017 we donated 8 PCs, projector and screen to their facility, and a group of Miniclippers helped decorate their IT room as a surprise for the children. In 2018, we organised an Easter Egg hunt in the office and gave away Miniclip goodie bags to an excited bunch!

More recently, we donated furniture from when we did our one of our refurbishments. As it stands, their IT room is now a ‘Miniclip IT’ room filled with Miniclip tables, chairs, PCs, stickers, decoration, mousepads and a projector and screen.