Jamie Cason to speak on .io games at Casual Connect


.io 2.0 – Insights into the .io Phenomena and Where it’s Going Next

Miniclip’s own Jamie Cason will be speaking at Casual Connect in Berlin on Tuesday, February 7th on the hot topic of .io games, and where they can go from here.

The world of casual games has been transformed forever by the emergence of .io titles like Agar.io, Slither.io and Vertix.io. What are the key features of a successful .io game? What are the challenges of development and publishing? Jamie Cason, Miniclip’s executive producer leading the company’s .io strategy speaks about Miniclip’s experience, insights, analysis and the exciting prospects coming next to define .io 2.0.

Jamie Cason has 15 years of interactive entertainment experience focused on developing and managing awesome games-as-service products across online, mobile and tablet platforms. Jamie has served for 5 years as an executive producer at Miniclip working with internal teams and external developers to find fun for players and success for the company.

Casual Connect takes place in Berlin from February 7th to 9th. Visit the website to buy tickets and discover other featured speakers from across the games industry.