Miniclip at Lisbon Game Conference

Miniclip is at Lisbon Game Conference on 10-11 November with our Director of Mobile Operations Marius Manolache and our Lead Producer Marcelo Careaga giving talks.

The second edition of Lisbon Game Conference will take place at ISCTE – Instituto Universitário de Lisboa on 10-11 November and offer lectures, panels, workshops, and opportunities for attendees to meet game companies.

Marius, our Director of Mobile Operations, will introduce Miniclip in a short talk on 10 November at 10:30am.

Marcelo, Lead Producer at Miniclip, will be the event’s keynote speaker sharing his career experience on 11 November at 9:30am.

The Lisbon Game Conference will live stream the talks at this link: For more information about the conference and its programming, please visit

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