Miniclip Bringing Hit Korean Multiplayer Game Arrow to the West

Revealed exclusively at Pocket Gamer Connects, Saad Choudri of Miniclip announced that South Korean video game smash hit Arrow, from development outfit Four Thirty Three, is headed to the West.

The game – a synchronous multiplayer battler – has experienced considerable success on the Korean App Store, enjoying a position at the top of the Top Grossing Charts.

It’s now headed to Western markets in 2014.

Reverse engineering

“We’re very proud of this partnership” said Choudri during the Korea-focused fourth track of the show.

Speaking about the lack of success of US and European developers and publishers in the region, he noted that “We talk a lot about Western games coming to the East, but there’s a lot of scope to bring Eastern games to the West”.

Whether Miniclip can replicate the success of the title in the West remains to be seen, but speaking with me after the presentation, Choudri confided that Miniclip often “has success with that play pattern”.

Arrow Miniclip