Miniclip case study featured by Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services (AWS), a cloud computing platform by Amazon, has published a case study of Miniclip.

The brief study outlines Miniclip’s move to AWS through a discussion of previous challenges, Miniclip’s decision to go with AWS rather than other cloud vendors, as well as the benefits of moving to the cloud. Read on for a summary or click here for the full case study.

AWS Miniclip

The Challenge

Before migrating to Amazon Web Services (AWS), Miniclip ran a purpose-built data centre in the United States and a co-located space in Europe. The case study argues that the move to the cloud was warranted by three main challenges. First, procurement times for provisioning hardware limited Miniclip’s ability to get games to players quickly: deploying a new game used to take four weeks and launching it took another five days. Second, maintaining a data centre brought its own problems, and the developers at Miniclip had to divert resource to solving performance issues in the data center. Third, moving to the cloud offered better management of security, which is of crucial importance to Miniclip with many of its players being under 13 years of age.


Miniclip realized that by moving to the cloud, it could both speed time to market of its games and eliminate the expense of buying new and maintaining existing hardware. Miniclip looked at different cloud vendors, but quickly discovered that AWS was the most knowledgeable and cost-effective provider on the market.

The Benefits

By moving to AWS, Miniclip was able to seize opportunities that may otherwise have passed it by. During the 2014 FIFA World Cup, Miniclip was able to launch two games instead of just one: Soccer Stars (mobile) and Mini-Soccer (web). With AWS, Miniclip’s mobile server team was able to reduce the deployment time from the previous four weeks to just four hours. “If we were deploying into our previous data center, I don’t think the team would have met the goal of deploying before the World Cup,” Dave Shanker, Miniclip’s Head of Technical Operations says. “That allowed us to take advantage of the hype to drive users to the soccer games.”

After migrating to AWS, Miniclip now experiences availability in the five 9s (99.999 percent). Latency was reduced from 4.5 seconds to 2 seconds. Time to market decreased by 97 percent allowing the company to launch more games and seize more opportunities.

AWS powers Miniclip’s ambition to continue its growth in the world of online and mobile gaming.