Miniclip moves to console publishing with MX Nitro


Miniclip yesterday celebrated the release of its first console and Steam game, MX Nitro. This marks the second large new venture for the company after the move from web to mobile several years earlier. In an interview with MCV, Miniclip CEO Rob Small detailed how the company stays successful by moving with the times.

“We’ve faced two main challenges – a shifting market, and rapid growth,” Small tells MCV. “Like many companies in this industry, we began to see the rise of a whole new audience of gamers on mobile, so it was vital to our success that we were able to move quickly to meet that demand.

“We’ve shown over the years that our success comes not just from our flagship titles, like 8 Ball Pool, but from a whole range of new games that prove very popular with our audience. We make fun, high-quality games that are very accessible but still have depth.

“Finally, it was important that we expanded our talent pool and infrastructure at the company, in proportion with the massive growth we’ve seen among our numbers of players. I’m pleased to say that that continues to this day, we’re currently hiring for over 50 new roles, from 3D artists to game designers.”

On the subject of MX Nitro, Small is confident it marks the start of a next chapter. “We’re going to be putting our all into [MX Nitro] and hoping we can achieve big things. As well as investing in PR, we will be promoting the game across YouTube and other forms of social media. We’ve seen great success in marketing our games on YouTube in the past and we plan to continue that with MX Nitro.

“The console and Steam markets are at least as well-saturated as mobile, so we want to do everything we can to get MX Nitro noticed. As for more console games, I would love for this to be a big part of our company going forward.”

MX Nitro is available now on PS4, Xbox One & PC.

Read the full interview on MCV.