Miniclip partners with Kenya’s Jooist

Kenyan startup Jooist which is a social gaming network for mobile phones has partnered with Miniclip, a web games developer based in Switzerland, to distribute their inventory of web games in Africa.

The startup boasts a significant following and records 100,000 downloads per month, 1.5M page views per month and 500K unique monthly visitors.

This is after a six months run since its relaunch in April.

“We are also working on a partnership with Kongregate Games based in the U.S to distribute their content in Africa as well,” co-founder waliaula Makokha told HumanIPO.

“We have just launched launched Jooist for Flash platform formatted for desktop web with 300 games from Miniclip. This is additional to our Jooist for Java ( formatted for feature phones and Jooist for HTML 5 ( formatted for smartphone devices. In total we have 1000+ games across all our platforms at the moment,” he added.

Makokha also reveladed that they are currently in talks  with UCWeb and WeChat — both of which have significant users in Africa running into millions — for distribution partnerships to grow their traction ten fold over the next two years.

“This year has been about launching our web platforms which we have done the last being Jooist for Flash. Next year we are looking to enter into Android and Windows Phone platform to cement our position as the biggest games publisher in Africa,” he said.