Miniclip set to launch Beast Quest in May

This post by Randy Dankievitch originally appeared on The Appzine on 24th April 2015. It is available at this link.

Miniclip’s been a staple of casual gaming for years, even before the days of iPhones and iPads when people still used something called a “website” to fill their mindless gaming needs. Recently, however, Miniclip’s moved into more adventurous, complex game development, something that’s been previewing up in Canada during the soft launch of their latest title, Beast Quest, in recent weeks.


Based in the lore of the Beast Quest book series, Miniclip recently announced that their foray into the third-person action/adventure genre would find its way stateside (as well as make its way around the world) when it officially launches in the App Store on May 7th.

To announce the game’s US release, Miniclip released a lengthy Let’s Play video of the game’s second stage, which appears to bring all the hack-and-slash, Infinity Blade-esque fighting and Zelda-like exploration any gamer could want (not to mention a few moments that look very similar to Assassin’s Creed vantage points), especially in a free-to-play game. Regarding the game’s F2P model, there’s clearly some familiar monetization tactics available on some of the screens seen in the video – but the gameplay footage itself is quite impressive, complete with campaign quests, hidden loot, and an impressively-sized open world to explore.

It remains to be seen whether an in-depth role-playing game like Beast Quest will be able to vitalize the tired, predictable F2P genre – if anything, the game at least appears to offer a slightly deeper experience than typical F2P fare. We’ll find out May 7th, when Beast Quest arrives around the world for iPhone and iPad.