Miniclip Supports the Pyjama Mission

Miniclip Portugal took part in National Pyjama Day this week by wearing pyjamas to the office. Miniclippers enjoyed extremely comfortable working conditions…while also raising money for charity!

Portugal celebrates National Pyjama Day every year on 20th November in conjunction with Universal Children’s Day. On this day in Portugal, thousands of children go to school wearing pyjamas, showing support for a great cause: “every child has the right to grow up in a family.”

National Pyjama Day

The Pyjama Mission is an initiative created by Mundos de Vida Association in 2012 in order to promote family childcare and reduce the number of institutionalized children. According to Mundos de Vida Association, more than 8,100 children live in institutions or orphanages in Portugal. Only 4% of Portuguese children separated from their parents are placed in foster care with families, as opposed to 64% in France and 77% in the UK. The Pyjama Mission works towards a future where growing up in a family can be a reality for every child every day. In previous years, because many supported National Pyjama Day by wearing pyjamas to work, the Association created the official National Pyjama Day – Friends as a way for adults to take part.

Miniclippers supported National Pyjama Day – Friends by wearing pyjamas to the office and fundraising for the Mundos de Vida Association. Miniclip Portugal did not only raise money from friends and family, but went the extra mile and held a successful bake sale. Miniclip then matched the amount collected, doubling our contribution towards helping institutionalized children in Portugal.

Miniclip PT National Pyjama Day