Miniclip on the future of mobile gaming

Miniclip’s Head of Community Ben Meakin is quoted in the article “The future of mobile gaming: What our favourite devs want to see in 2015.” Ben spoke to games writer Harry Slater at Pocket Gamer Connects 2015 in London earlier this month. Slater writes:

For Ben Meakin, Community Manager at Miniclip, who was showing off interesting looking Zelda-meets-Infinity Blade adventure Beast Quest at PGC, 2015 needs to be about mobile and tablet games that make use of the platform they’re being developed for.

“I still don’t feel there’s enough games that really take advantage of mobiles and tablets as a physical object. I’m thinking of Simogo here with Year Walk and Device 6 – I could not imagine playing those games on anything other than a tablet.

“You’re holding it in your hands, and there’s this fidelity of something rushing at you, and there are moments when you’re stepping your fingers and it becomes a physical act – you’re not just dragging you’re actually walking with your fingers.

Year Walk

“And there are puzzles where you have to turn it upside down. And that blew me away because I hadn’t seen anything like that on mobile. And to my frustration I’ve still not seen that many things that actually do that, or at least that aren’t coming out of that studio.

“Last year was the first year I’d be playing mobile games in new places, so sat at home on the sofa, as opposed to on a train, on the tube, and I want more games to take advantage of the fact that mobile itself is a platform that has physical properties that can really enhance the game experience.”

Also interviewed were indie developers Mike Bithell and Alistair Aitcheson, as well as Jon Ingold and Joe Humfrey from Inkle Studios, Luke Schneider from Radiangames, Neil Rennison from Tin Man Games and Kepa Auwae from Rocketcat Games. Read the full article on