Miniclip’s Filipe Teixeira on storytelling in games

Miniclip’s Filipe Teixeira gave a talk on storytelling in games to design students of the Polytechnic Institute of Portalegre in Portugal.

Filipe's talk 2

In his talk, Filipe emphasised the importance of designers asking “why make it” before asking “how to make it” in the early stages of the development of a project, whether they are working on games, movies, or other visual projects. Instead of immediately starting to sketch after a briefing, it is crucial to gain a profound understanding of what story needs to be told and built. That is a what a concept artist does: he or she tells stories.

Every background, object, costume, hairstyle, or even a hint of body language forms an important part of a larger narrative, so designers must keep in mind what part of the story they want users to decode for themselves upon encountering the project.

Filipe's talk

According to Filipe, designers need to develop an analytical eye and a strong conceptual approach based on the cultural legacies of the world as that affects how we perceive everything. Filipe encouraged students to look beyond the superficial and find hidden meanings, which are crucial to forging their own stories. After all, the best stories are the ones still untold.

Filipe's talk 3

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