Miniclip’s Flip Diving tops the download charts


Miniclip’s new game, Flip Diving, has launched straight to the top of the download charts on iOS and Android.

Flip Diving is all about taking a leap from a high spot, pulling off outrageous moves, and then landing a perfect entry into the water below. Choose from a wide range of divers and launch yourself off towering cliffs, rickety platforms, trees, castles and even trampolines. The game’s custom physics engine makes for some spectacular dives – and wince-inducing wipeouts – with its animated ragdoll physics.

Since its global release, Flip Diving has already hit the #1 download spot in the UK, Australia, and over 40 other countries. It represents the latest Miniclip game to make a big impact on the charts, following the recent successes of, Basketball Stars and Hockey Stars.

Flip Diving is free to download on iOS and Android from